Relieving lower back pain right on the floor 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Less S&H
Relieving lower back pain right on the floor
Lower Back Device
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Plus S&H
Relieving neck pain right on the floor
Neck Device
Just 2 Payments of
Plus S&H
The complete system for one convenient price
Best Value
Full Relief Package
Back & Neck Devices w/ Wedges
Just 2 Payments of
Plus S&H
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    • Relieves Back and Neck pain in minutes
    • 10 minute a day “at home“ treatments
    • Reduces or eliminates the need for prescription drugs
    • Utilizes patented Negative G-Force Technology® to decompress the spine
    • Mobile Care - Anytime, Anywhere
    • Reduces costly Therapy visits
    • Promotes Spinal Health for back and neck
    • Proprietary Release Strap for safe, effective traction
    5 Stars
    Five Star Reviews
    5 Stars
    “You don't have any more pain. It's just completely 100% gone.” Michael
    “You just lay there and let it do it's thing.” Raul


    Similar to a professional traction table Fisher Traction® uses exclusive Negative G-Force Technology® to decompress the discs in the spine for instant relief!

    The proprietary release strap decompresses your spine. The stretching of the spine minimizes pressure on nerves and helps hydrate the natural cushion of the spine providing amazing, pain-relieving decompression.

    How it works for your neck


    Neck Device relief exercise

    Neck DEVICE

    While holding the head harness, lay down on your back with head closest to the door. Loosely pull head harness and position end of loop to above your chin (see video). Slip head harness behind head placing head in the harness. Grab release strap to periodically initiate decompression.

    Lower Back Device relief exercise


    Sit on the floor, facing the door with feet against the door. Place harness over shoulders and down to your waist. Gently lay back and adjust your position away from the door. Bungies should NOT stretch more than 3 times their relaxed length or safety buckle will break (see video)


    Negative G-Force Technology Release Strap Decompression

    Meet the Inventor

    Dr. Jeff Fisher is the inventor and founder of Fisher Traction®, which is powered by Negative G-Force Technology®. Fisher Traction® enables people with neck and/or lower back pain to benefit from Spinal Decompression virtually anywhere at any time.

    Dr. Jeff Fisher Chiropractor for 28 years
    Dr. Jeff Fisher Chiropractor for 28 years
    Dr. Fisher and his family

    Dr. Fisher invented this device to help his wife

    “The Fisher Traction Device® works for someone who experiences lower back pain and neck pain...Now I know and have a way to feel good, to keep my spine and my body healthy so it doesn't get into that situation again – And if it does, I know how to fix it.” – Lisa Fisher
    Dr. Baker
    “The immediate effect is just relief. I've not seen anything like this.” MARYANN BAKER, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic
    Dr. Porzio
    “The Fisher Traction Device® is an easy, effective, and affordable, way to alleviate neck and low back pain.” DAVID PORZIO, M.D. Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
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    Purchase Fisher Traction® today for instant neck & lower back pain relief! Purchase the Neck unit for 2 payments of $34.99 + $5.99 S&H OR 1 easy payment of $69.98 + $5.99 S&H, the Back unit for 2 payments of $44.99 + $6.99 S&H OR 1 easy payment of $89.98 + $6.99 S&H, or the BEST VALUE Full Relief Package, which includes both the Neck AND Back units with both the Shoulder & Knee Wedges along with a special savings of $30 OFF for 2 payments of $89.99 + $14.99 S&H OR 1 easy payment of just $179.99 + $14.99 S&H!

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please contact Fisher Traction's Support Team at 888-835-8881 or Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST or Saturday 10:30 AM EST to 6:30 PM EST for instructions on how to return the product for a full refund less the original shipping and handling fee (if applicable). No returns will be accepted without a confirmation from customer support.