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Indication for Use
For the relief of cervical and lumbar spine conditions via vertical traction of the spine.

Traction is the elongation or stretching or processes of decompressing or vertically pulling the neck & or low back in the opposite direction of gravity while the patient’s upright or supine. Traction of the spine has been shown to help inter-vertebral disc pressure to temporarily reduce in magnitude, stretch(elongate) muscles/ligaments/tendons, minimize pressure applied to nerve roots by temporarily widening inter-vertebral lateral canals where spinal nerves exit, “Imbibition”(which is the periodic mechanical decrease and increase of inter-vertebral pressure) which helps to rehydrate inter-vertebral disc’s nucleus, reduce pain in the neck/upper extremities/thoracic spinal area, reduce numbness in the extremities/upper back, reduce tingling in the extremities/upper back. This can be used by adults and children over the age of 12 years with parental supervision.

Structural disease secondary to tumor or infection, people with vascular compromise, any condition where movement of the neck is contraindicated (examples: torn ligaments/muscles/tendons which make the neck unstable, unstable bony fracture), people with acute strains/sprains and/or inflammation which would be aggravated by traction, people with joint instability, osteoporosis, or claustrophobia.

Caution: Do not anchor traction base to a door knob that can move away from the user’s head.

Caution: Please use device as directed by your chiropractor or other healthcare provider. Discontinue use if you experience pain or any other symptoms, and immediately contact your chiropractor or other healthcare provider who recommended it's use.

Directions for Use for the neck unit

  1. Anchor traction base to solid structure such as inward opening door knob, door jam, railing, etc. Never anchor traction base to door knob that can move away from user’s head. Anchor the traction base approximately 36 inches (3 feet) minimally from ground upward to a maximum of 48 inches (4 feet) that will allow the user uninterrupted and safe use for a minimum of 10 minutes (maximum of 30 minutes) clear of floor/ground traffic.
  2. User is to lay on back with head pointed towards the traction unit and anchor base, a minimum of 36 inches (3 feet) away from anchored structure which allows a safe distance for head (in the event the unlocked door can be opened inwards at the user’s head) so not to be hit by door being opened.
  3. Insuring user’s proper distance from anchor to create the traction’s allowable “bungee pulling power”; while on their back the outstretched very end of the blue head harness should touch/intersect user’s chin and lower lip.
  4. The outstretched traction unit’s head harness can then be pulled underneath head and wrapped around base of skull over the user’s ears.
  5. The head harness can then be tightened down onto head by pulling the black plastic/rubber strap slide back towards forehead until the user feels the head harness is snug and won’t slide off head.
  6. User lays on his or her back for a minimum of 10 minutes (maximum of 30 minutes) as directed by their Chiropractor.
  7. Once the traction session is complete, the user loosens the black slide so they can remove the head harness from their head slowly to insure their head does not drop to ground/floor.
  8. As directed by their Chiropractor, the Fisher Traction devices can be used daily (multiple times per day) for up to one month (30 days) or until sufficient symptom relief/improvement has been achieved. The traction sessions can continue every other day, then once per week, and then decreasing in frequency weekly until finally at a frequency of one session per month where the user feels they can manage their symptoms/physical condition without it worsening.
    Note: Frequency of usage should only be reduced once the user is no longer experiencing improvement at their current frequency. Example: two weeks without experiencing any further improvement at 1 session per week then frequency can be reduced to one session every two weeks.

After Use
Ice or heat the area of complaint for up to 15 minutes, if desired. Light range of movement exercises without resistance is suggested to relieve any stiffness and or tightness of muscles in neck.

Care and Cleaning of the Traction-Cervical Device
Machine wash cold (delicate cycle) or hand wash in cold water the detachable head harness (with sewn on strap) using soap/detergent and hang to dry. Wash as needed.

The Fisher Traction Units have a 1 year warranty for the nylon strapping, plastic discs, head harness, hip harness and Velcro but not for failure of bungees due to user "over-stretching" the pull capacity of bungees. Bungees can be replaced by user.

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